2014 Catholic Mission Annual Appeal

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The events happening all around the world in recent time have exposed the level of greed and selfishness in the heart of so many people in the world today. Hardly will each day pass without the news of violence and human inhumanity to fellow human beings. Wars, family and gun violence, abuse and poverty have become the undoing force in the world and its challenges stir us on the face. However as Christians, the situation reminds us of the need to get more involved in the mission of the Church as we all are called to be missionary in a missionary Church. How do we become missionary in our own way? How could we reach out to the children in different parts of the world suffering? This year’s Annual World Mission Catholic Campaign is a beautiful way to get involved to helping millions of children like Chanel, Orlando and Monique in Jamaica to realize their dreams when they grow up. The theme “When I grow up I want to be alive” is inspired by Ephesians 2:4-6, “God who is rich in mercy... made us alive.” Consequently, this year’s annual campaign theme captures the yearnings of many children living in total fear for their life and future all over the world.

The situation reminds us of the words of St John Paul II, who spent his papacy going to different parts of the world to preach the good news of Jesus and supporting the poor. St. John Paul II opines: "that missionary activity is a matter for all Christians, for all Dioceses and parishes, Church institutions and associations". This according to him ushers in a "new springtime for Christianity" and is a historic step in its missionary dynamism in which all the baptized must get involved with the diversity of their charisms and which make them break all geographical and cultural barriers.” (Encyclical “Redemptoris Missio No 3”).

We can support and contribute our quota in evangelization by making a generous donation for the humanitarian work of the church in places in great need like supporting the work of the Jamaican Catholic Church in helping people turn away from violence and crime to seek a new future through the power of education and the spirit of Jesus. As part of the body of Christ – the Church, we are called to help give life to the suffering children of God in the world today. Remember, your prayer is needed and can make a lot of different too.     Fr Leonard



Newsletter 8-9 Nov 2014