Am I responsible with the gifts God has given me?

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When I was reflecting on the readings today, in my wonderment about the gracious attitude of the landowner and the ungrateful tenants in the gospel, I remembered a story we were told far back during my primary school days. A couple that had five children devoted all their energy and resources in the training of their first child with the hope that he will after his education, help in the training of his siblings since it was extremely difficult for them to see all their children through school at the same time. After graduating from the university, the young man got a good job and the family was very happy that their situation will change for the better. One day the parents of the young man got a letter that shattered their life and led the father to his early grave. The young man had written and told them that they should not expect him to take the responsibility of training his siblings or to support the family as he is only concerned about himself and his future family. What a disappointment and betrayal of trust!


This same disappointment, rebellion and betrayal of trust could be seen in the wicked tenants in the gospel of today. We are confronted here with the reality of God’s providence and trust on one hand and human betrayal of trust and cons tant rebellion on the other hand.
In theparable, God was portrayed as a landowner whoplanted a vineyard, put a fence around it,
dug a wine press in it, and built a watchtower"(Matthew 21:33a) and then entrusted the vineyard to some managers and went on a long journey to a distant country with the hope that on his return they will be accountable. Rather, they disappointed and rebelled against him. Out of wickedness and greed, they refused to remit to him what was his due and even killed his only son.
Unfortunately many of us live our life today like the wicked managers (tenants) by misusing the gifts God has given us. The vineyard God has given to each one of us to take care of is our life and we are accountable to God for our actions. As a merciful and loving father Godcontinuously calls us back to himself that we may reconcile with him. He is always patient with us but the story reminds us that he is also a just God, who will judge us according to our deeds.
Am I responsible with the gifts God has given me? Have I betrayed God’s trust? It is never too late to start a refresh in him - “Jesus crucified and risen” he will welcome us and heal us.


Fr Leonard


Newsletter - 4-5 Oct 2014