As the Father has sent me… I am sending you! Jn 20:21

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As we entered into the solemn celebration of the Easter Vigil last Saturday evening, gathering around the Easter Fire blazing in the darkness of the night there was an air of anticipation, excitement, hope, and certainty.

"The life that is affirmed and embraced this night is not merely some afterlife of bliss. The death that we proclaim defeated is not merely the death that each of us must die. This is the most worldly of nights because what is defeated –so we hear and so we mean, though the news is travelling slowly –is death in life: The death that dwells in economic and political systems when any human being is without food or dignity... the death that dwells in our very selves " (Huck G Three Days.) when we make choices which lead to discrimination, injustice, dishonesty, selfishness simply because we want to live a so called comfortable life. It is an interesting fact that we are so easily drawn into what is most comfortable in the present moment, rather than surveying the bigger picture and making a change which will have deeper and more lasting ramifications not only for our own lives but those of humanity.

At the Easter Vigil Paul, Eileen and Julian embraced the bigger picture. After a lengthy period of formation they entered the waters of the baptismal font and publically declared their response to the call of God in their lives. They were Baptised, Confirmed and welcomed at the Table of the Lord. No longer do they leave our community on Sundays, they are now part of us, they belong to us and we to them. The Sacraments of Initiation are all about leaving behind the old life and embracing the new. It is about knowing the richness of the saving love of God in one’s life, it is about living in a community of believers who are nourished at the Table and who are strengthened to live this reality through their confirmation.

Today’s Gospel a post resurrection story anchors us in this reality…’Peace be with you...As the Father sent me, so am I sending you.’ Where are the places in our ordinary lives where each of us is sent to transform death to life?

Sr Gabriel Williams osu

May we always take the risen Jesus to be our model of transformation, no matter where we find ourselves.

Newsletter 11-12 April 2015