Easter: Hoping Against Hope

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It can be difficult to do justice to the mystery of Easter in well-worn human words. This is true, not because the message of Easter have difficulty in penetrating the narrow limits of our being, but because the message of Easter is the most human news brought by Christianity. It can be difficult to be, to do, and to believe what is truest, closest, and easiest!


Be that as it may, one thing is certain: Easter is a celebration of hope! This hope is not a cosmetic or false hope that leads humanity down the garden path of illusion and self-deception. This hope is anchored in Christ, Crucified and Risen; it is a hope that is bigger than life and death; it is a hope against illusory and false hopes (Rom 4:18). It tells us to hang in there and to face the future with confidence, even when every other person around us says otherwise! The Easter hope is a hope that reassures us that there will be a tomorrow and that God will be in that tomorrow and that tomorrow will be fine.


The Archbishop highlighted this in his Easter message when he says: “When the tomb of Jesus was sealed with a big round stone, that stone must have seemed like a cosmic full-stop.  The party was over.  The world is full of what seem like full-stops – situations that seem hopeless.  Easter says that there’s no such thing as an ultimately hopeless situation, that every full-stop is in fact a comma or perhaps a dash.  That’s why Easter is the womb of true human hope – the hope that born once Jesus rises from the dead and the tomb itself becomes a womb as the stone rolls away.”


May we all be filled with the undying hope of Easter, especially those struggling most to find hope in what seems a hopeless situation. May the light of the Risen Lord penetrate our hearts, giving us all a saving and life-giving hope both now and into the future!

Happy Easter!

Fr Anthony Ekpo

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