Mid Lent Checkup

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It’s hard to believe that we are half way through Lent. Ash Wednesday seems so recent. So, how’s it going?

The fasting, prayer and almsgiving which we probably intended to get into with zeal will be achieved by various people to different degrees.

The good thing about failed Lenten commitments is that it is never too late to get started. Even a small time of doing something different and disrupting the normal patterns of our lives, will open the opportunity for some spiritual renewal. Lent offers a chance to do things differently as we allow ourselves to be immersed in the story of Jesus Christ’s commitment to us to enter into his Passion and Crucifixion. His commitment was completed regardless of our response however, if we take this story to heart, we will find it difficult not to respond.

Reading the story of the Passion early in Lent or, as I often find helpful, watching my old DVD of Jesus Christ Superstar (there is also a version on Youtube) or even Mel Gibson’s, "The Passion" (despite certain dubious facts within these portrayals), I am still moved deeply as I prepare myself for the Holy Week and Easter celebrations.

Acts of kindness or compassion, with intent, are never too late to engage in. Project Compassion can be backdated. Some other contribution or generous offer of help, out of the ordinary, will also affect our hearts as we consider the people who are being helped and we may find it soothing for our own souls.

Time for prayer or choosing to do something different in our pattern of prayer still has a chance to make a difference to our lives in these last few weeks of Lent, as does a commitment to Fast. Even stepping away from social media, or not having certain foods, or not watching some television programme, can still remind us that this is a different time of the year which has a purpose.

Whatever we do, let us commit to doing something. There is limited time and it will pass quickly. Let’s take the opportunity to make Lent meaningful.

Fr Bob



Newsletter 7-8 Mar 2015