Newsletter – First Sunday of Advent 2 December 2018

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First Sunday of Advent 021218

Presider:     As we celebrate the season of Advent we think

again of the love of God for us, endless and ever new,

symbolised in this circle of greenery. The candles of the wreath

signify the way how this eternal and all-embracing love has

been manifested in time, and will be manifest forever when the

Lord appears in glory. Today we light the first of the candles,

looking forward to the Day of the Lord.


The wreath is sprinkled with holy water. As the Advent candle is lit, all sing:


  1.  The coming of our Lord

with eager minds we greet,

and joyful hasten on our way

his glorious reign to meet.


  1. The everlasting God,

a virgin’s son we see;

he takes a humble, servile form

to bring us liberty.


Presider:        Christ we sit in darkness, but you are our light.

All:                  We long for Christ’s coming into our hearts and into our world.


Presider:         Our lives have been shaken by fire and drought and storm; our security has been shaken by bombings and wars and uncertainty.

All:                   We wait in hope for God’s light to penetrate our darkness and radiate

within us.


Presider:         In the midst of our doubts and our insecurities we are reminded that God’s

faith fulness reaches to the ends of the earth.

All:                 We watch for new light to shine as the season of joy approaches.


Presider:         Christ is our rock and our refuge, an ever present help in trouble.

All:                    We wait in hope, attentive to all the signs of Christ’s coming.