Thank you message from Fr David

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I would first like to thank you all for your welcome to Frs Anthony, George and myself over the last couple of weekends. It has been good to start meeting people, and I look forward to continuing getting to know more and more people of the parish in the weeks and months to come. Deacon Nicholas will also be introduced to the parish in the coming weeks. I would also like to thank Fr Clarke for his hand-over to me in these weeks. I’m sure you will join with me in thanking him for his pastoral care of the parish over the last couple of years, and in prayer for his future ministry.


Fr George had already organised his annual leave before Archbishop Mark appointed him to the Cathedral parish, and so also to the pastoral care of Kangaroo Point/East Brisbane from January 4th this year. This means that he will be away for the next five weeks. In his place you will meet some of the other priests who assist in the pastoral care of the Cathedral parish on a part time basis...


I have decided to make Tuesday my day in the parish. This means, as often as possible, I will preside at the Tuesday 9am mass at St Benedict’s, and then be available from the office. This will give me an opportunity to catch up on the business of the parish in a more immediate way, but hopefully, it will also afford the opportunity for anyone who would like to, to meet with me at St Benedict’s. However, this is, of course, not to restrict our pastoral care of the parish to Tuesday. The clergy of the Cathedral will be available to attend to all the pastoral needs of the parish.


In the coming weeks I look forward to meeting with the various groups of people who attend to the pastoral needs of the parish. I would also hope to call a more general meeting of parishioners in the months to come. In the mean time, I look forward to getting to know you and how best I can serve you and the parish of Kangaroo Point/East Brisbane.


May the Spirit of Jesus Christ lead us all in the ways of the Father’s Kingdom.


Fr David



Newsletter - 18-19 Jan 2014