The Kingdom of Heaven is…

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The first section of today’s Gospel is the parable of the wheat and the darnel. The landowner in his wisdom encourages the slave to allow both the wheat and the darnel to grow side by side. Reality dictates to us that we do not live totally surroun ded by all that flourishes and which is pleasant to us. To live/work with people who think differently, who act counter to our ways is a challenge. Where is God in all this? The second image in the parable today is that the Kingdom of God is likened to a mustard seed, which is the tiniest seed there is, yet it grows into a strong tall tree offering shelter to every kind of bird. It takes time for the tree to grow. What are the small things in our lives which can be nurtured to offer acceptance and hospitality to those who may not have the same opportunities which we have been fortunate enough to have been gifted with?


The final image of the Kingdom Jesus gives us today is that of yeast, which when mixed with flour leavens the whole bread. The woman baking the bread must wait for the leaven to spread its way through the dough until it rises. We are not known for our patience and our waiting, yet it is often in the waiting that we gain an insight, we see with greater clarity or we depth a conviction.


Reflecting on the Kingdom of God in our lives can be confronting. What gifts do we bring to the Kingdom of God in our midst? What gifts do I generously share with the community, or do I leave it to others? What is my responsibility to uphold the Kingd om of God?
Why not take some time this week to write our own parable about the Kingdom in our lives. We could be both surprised and challenged...remember there is a twist in every parable!


Gabriel Williams osu


Newsletter - 19-20 Jul 2014