The Twist in the Talent

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Everyone living in Brisbane has been prepared.  We have been living in a heightened state of awareness regarding the G20. Throughout the weeks preceding the G20 we have had various alerts, helicopters have whirred over the city skies, media reports continue to be posted and briefings regarding security and activities around the city have been activated.

Today’s Scripture readings urge us to be prepared.  We are in the final two weeks of Year A of the liturgical year.  As we approach a new liturgical year are we looking forward to changing our attitudes and thoughts?   As we reflect on the year we may like to consider how we have used our talents this year.

We frequently hear people say “She is a very talented person, or he has a real talent for…” Through Baptism however, we all have a talent which is deeper than something we might be able to do or activate by ourselves.  Rather the talent which is spoken about in the Gospel today is embedded deeply in our being.  Our talent is living in or being present to the awareness of God’s call to us in the reality and hum drum of our daily life.  It is a continual call to us to be prepared to…walk with the lonely…to reach out to the marginalised…to forgive when we have been hurt…to act justly in our dealings with each other…to uphold the dignity of the human person…to be an advocate of peace. Being prepared to use this talent depends not on us as individuals, but on our relationship with God and each other. This is not for the faint hearted.

Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians urges us to clasp the light and not live in the darkness.  As the well- known hymn says, “We are sons of the morning, we are daughters of day.”  At Baptism each of us received the Light of Christ “This light is entrusted to you to be kept burning brightly…walk always as a child of the light.”  To live in the light of the day is to be able to see our way.  It is to be able to delve into the dark spots, noticing where we have failed to use our talent and be prepared to change.

What has our life in Christ been like throughout this year?  What do we need to change?

How will we make those changes?

Are we prepared to take our talent further?


Gabriel Williams osu



Newsletter 15-16 Nov 2014