“Unless the grain of wheat dies……”

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"Unless the grain of wheat dies..."Few sights are as beautiful as a field with young stalks of wheat. To watch them swaying in the wind and dancing in the sun brings joy to the heart, at least to the hardworking farmer. But how strange is the process by which these stalks come into being? The grain of wheat has to be buried in the cold damp earth as in a tomb. Then it has to die. If it didn’t die, no new life would come forth. But when it dies, from the grave of the old grain, a shoot of new wheat miraculously springs forth. Indeed, this is an awesome paradox – life coming forth from death, freedom coming forth from suffering. Jesus used the illustration of the “grain of wheat” to show how God brings life from death, and good fruit through patience and suffering.

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Newsletter 17-18 Mar 2018