We begin the highlight of our church’s year…

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This week we begin the highlight of our church’s year – Holy Week and the celebration of the Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil). The readings for Palm/Passion Sunday help us to focus upon the week and the various ways in which Christ became the Servant of God whose suffering brought new life to God’s creation.

This is the time of year when we reflect upon our Christian faith and what it means for us, with greater intensity than usual. This is not only because we remember our Lord’s dying and rising but, also, because we renew our own baptismal promises.

The intensity does not simply apply to our remembering. It also applies to the way in which we celebrate the rituals and the extra effort we make to ensure that we honour the God who brings salvation.    Cont........

        Fr Bob

Newsletter 28-29 Mar 2015