We look forward in confident hope.

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The Collect of the Mass is often a signal to the depth of the season we are celebrating and it sums up the centrality of the celebration. This fact is evident to today’s Collect. It continues to renew and

encourage us in the mystery of the joy, appreciation and hope of the Resurrection of Jesus and its implications for our lives.

“May your people exult for ever, O God,

in renewed youthfulness of spirit,

so that, rejoicing now in the restored glory of our adoption,

we may look forward in confident hope to the rejoicing of the day of resurrection.”

Focussing on the key aspects of our salvation which were captured in our communal celebrations over the Sacred Triduum it clearly states what this time is about.

There is something about the Easter season—(also known as the Great Fifty Days concluding with the Feast of Pentecost) which lends itself to us feeling a lightness of spirit and gives us a reason to exult. There is a newness and energy about this time. We can identify with a sense of ‘renewed youthfulness of spirit..’ Youthfulness brings with it a sense of hope, and energy.—the world is full of infinite possibilities! Are we willing to be witnesses to the reality we are adopted children of God and can live in ‘confident hope’ in the belief that we have eternal life promised to us through Jesus?

This is a time of happiness, energy, appreciation and hope! This does not mean that darkness does exist in our lives, or that we can be overwhelmed by the suffering of the world, and our apparent

inability to really make a difference. If there was no darkness we would have no need for light.

Let us centre our attention on the Paschal Candle burning brightly in all our celebrations throughout the Easter Season. It is a constant reminder of The Light in the darkness, the Light to which we are drawn, and the Light reminding us that we are saved. Each of us received the light of Christ at Baptism, and were encouraged to keep it burning brightly...we continue to do so by being witnesses to that Light in all our actions, in our attitudes and in our respect for the dignity of each other. Perhaps we can take to heart today’s Collect. Let it be a constant reminder to us to live in confident hope and gratitude as we witness to the Light of Christ in our lives.

Sr Gabriel Williams

Newsletter 18-19 April 2015