What is Marriage?

God who created us out of love also calls us to love - this is the fundamental and innate vocation of every human being.
For we are created in the image and likeness of God who is love.

The mutual love of man and woman becomes an image of the absolute and unfailing love with which God loves humanity.
Marriage is an “intimate community of life and love … established by the Creator... God himself is the author of marriage." Gaudium et Spes 48.

This communion of spouses is ordered to the good of the spouses and the good of children.
Marriage between baptised persons is a sacrament.

A Catholic Wedding

The question of where to hold the wedding is an important one which couples need to talk about together. Sometimes couples want to be married in a church because of social pressure or family tradition. These are not sufficient reasons in themselves for choosing a church wedding.
A church is the appropriate venue for the marriage of those who believe in Christ and who wish to celebrate publicly God’s blessing of their union.

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Who can be married in our Church?

Marriage is one of the seven sacraments and is a sign of God’s love.  Marriage in our Parish Churches is open to all eligible members of the Catholic Church.  If you are thinking about a wedding in our Parish the first step is to complete an Application Form and book the Church.  The following applies to all weddings:

  • Couples must undertake appropriate marriage preparation.
  • If you are not a member of this Parish – your Parish Priest’s permission must be obtained.
  • Our parish priest is available to celebrate your marriage which may include a Nuptial Mass.

N.B. If either of you have been divorced you are first asked to ring the Marriage Tribunal Office on 07 3336 9130

Preparing for Marriage

Entering into marriage is one of the biggest decisions anybody makes in his or her lifetime. The Church strongly recommends that couples undertake some kind of formal preparation for marriage to help them understand the nature of marriage and the many human complexities of married life.

When    Where


What is Needed

Ideally Catholics are asked to give 12 months notice of their intended marriage.  It needs to be at least three months.  Please contact your Priest early.  This ensures that there is adequate time for calm and thoughtful marriage preparation.

It is necessary to book the Church in which a wedding is to be celebrated; to book the priest who will be the celebrant of the marriage; and to complete the forms for marriage that are required by the Government and the Church.

Current Fees

The fee is $800 made up as follows:

  • $200 non refundable booking fee – To be paid via EFT or forwarded to the Parish Office with your application.
  • $600 for the use of the Church, and services of the officiating Priest.  Artificial Flowers are included, if you choose to use them.  Payable one month prior to the wedding.
  • You may choose to provide your own flowers and meet the cost independently.  An extra $200 will be payable if you require the parish office to find an organist.

Special places for your Special day

Our Parish has two of Brisbane’s most beautiful inner city Churches, which can accommodate weddings both small and intimate or large and grand.

St Joseph’s, Kangaroo Point

Located on the grounds of St Joseph’s Primary, our Parish school, above the Kangaroo Point Cliffs with spectacular views to the city, this is a picturescue photo location. Seats 400 comfortably.

St Benedict’s, East Brisbane

Located high on the hill on Mowbray Terrace opposite Williamina Park, a popular spot for wedding photography. This federation style Church will comfortably accommodate 200 people.


Tips to Organizing your Wedding

Good live music enhances a celebration and adds to the dignity and solemnity of the occasion. Pre-recorded music can sometimes be difficult to effectively fade out and technical problems do sometimes occur. Furthermore, for many people today, an experience of live music can be rare, especially with the abundance of recorded music in shopping centres, on the radio and on tv.

If there is a real desire to have recorded music, the selection of the music is vital and will need to be discussed with the celebrant before any decisions are made. In general, instrumental music is the preferred option if using CD music.

  • In St Joseph's Church at Kangaroo Point, we have a wonderful historic 1882 pipe organ and both an electric organ and electronic keyboard.
  • In St Benedict's Church at East Brisbane there is a digital organ.

You may like to have a singer or even a string quartet. For a list of musicians and their contacts, please contact the Parish Office.

Our Parishes are blessed with talented and highly accomplished organists, instrumentalists and singers. You are welcome to bring in organists from outside our Parishes, however arrangements must be made with the parish musicians who take care of the instruments, and depending on the instrument, a fee applies for external musicians.