What do we hear?

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Over the next three Sundays we have Chapter 13 of Matthew’s Gospel proclaimed. This Chapter forms Book Three of Five Books into which Matthew’s Gospel is divided. Matthew portrays a very human Jesus who is both story teller and teacher. One of the striking features of Matthew’s Gospel is its organisation of material around the teachings of Jesus. Chapter 13 is an example of this emphasis. In this Chapter we have a number of parables about the Kingdom of God. Michael Fallon MSC tells us that “the appeal of a parable is not so much to the logical mind as to the imagination.”


Whenever Jesus speaks in parables we always know there will be a twist in the end of the story. Today’s Gospel speaks of the Sower sowing seed which falls on all parts of the earth. The twist in the end of the story is not how much seed grew, or where it grew. The story closes using the same word with which Jesus begins this particular teaching - ‘Listen!’ However the conclusion expands on the initial challenge ‘Listen anyone who has ears!’ What are the voices we hear in today’s society and to who do the voices we heed belong? Are they the voices which leave us comfortable or are they voices which promote personal and communal growth in spite of the challenges?
We have all been immersed into the waters of Baptism – the primary source of growth for both our individual and communal lives. It is our responsibility to continue to nurture the life of Baptism and in doing so we nurture not just in our own life, but also the life of the Community. Participating in the life of the Community takes time, patience, perseverance, openness and fidelity.


Perhaps the one area in which most of us is poorest is actually Time. Our lives are busy, demanding and there are instances when we can feel overwhelmed. But in spite of this business we are members of an extraordinary, diverse and talented Community. It is a Community which faithfully gathers week after week to celebrate Eucharist and do good works. Comprising of people from many different nationalities is surely a treasure for us all. What a variety and depth of talent we possess both individually and communally!


Are we interested in contributing to growth, by sharing our time, treasure and talent, or are we content to happily receive what is provided for us? The Gospel today, dares us to be good soil for the seed of the Word of God to grow and flourish in both our individual lives and that of the Community. Will we listen?


Gabriel Williams osu
An invitation to get together as the parish community! After six months as Parish Administrator, and the Cathedral Clergy offering pastoral care for Kangaroo Point/East Brisbane Parish, I think it is opportune that we get together for a conversation as the parish community. I would like to invite all members of the parish community to gather at St Benedict’s Church on 19th August at 7pm.

The purpose of the meeting is for me to offer something of a vision, which I have for the parish, and also for me to listen to parishioners. A basic question for us all is, how might we be open to God’s Spirit to enable the faith life of Kangaroo Point/East Brisbane Parish to grow in its missionary purpose? I very much look forward to seeing you at our parish gathering.
Fr David


Newsletter - 12-13 Jul 2014